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Your Move – Culture and the Arts in Hull, East Yorkshire, and Northern Lincolnshire

7 September 2023

When choosing a new place to live, there is so much to consider. If you’re a fan of the arts, then you’ll want to know that you can get your culture fix in your new home region.

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The Humber region is a treasure trove of arts and culture, boasting a rich tapestry of historical significance, creative expression, and modern innovation. From bustling cities like Hull to charming towns along the river, this area is home to an array of venues that celebrate the region's unique identity through various art forms.

Hull was UK City of Culture in 2017 and for good reason – there’s always been a lot going on worthy of showcasing. 2017 was the prime opportunity to show the rest of the UK what Hull and the Humber region had to offer and we more than capitalised on it, attracting visitors from within and outside of the Humber in their thousands to a huge range of events. Being the UK City of Culture built on the excellent arts and culture provision in the area and it has continued to grow ever since.

But it’s not all about Hull. There are opportunities to catch a slice of the arts in all parts of the Humber region. Theatres, art galleries, music venues and festivals are in abundance. From arenas and traditional grand theatres to small independent music clubs, there is something for every night of the week in all of the major towns and often the villages of East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

If you don’t know a lot about the Humber then our brochure Your Move provides a fantastic insight into the area including all about property, education, entertainment, sport, and lifestyle. 

You can view the full brochure at Your Move – To Hull, East Yorkshire, and Northern Lincolnshire

In this article, we delve into some of the most remarkable arts and culture venues in the Humber region featured in Your Move, highlighting the experiences they offer to both locals and visitors.


This theatre literally began life in the back of a truck. Since 1971, they have welcomed playwrights, actors and more to their travelling and permanent venues. The theatre is now at home in a purpose-built venue on Hull’s Ferensway, a short walk from the transport interchange and in easy reach of a huge range of restaurants and shops, though their own restaurant is also pretty good!

The venue hosts a variety of shows and events for all ages and all tastes and is particularly good for showing plays by independent companies as well as those produced by their in-house crew. Resident playwrights over the years have included John Godber, Academy Award winning Anthony Minghella, and Gill Adams (Lucy Beaumont’s mum and star of Meet the Richardsons). The current Artistic Director is Mark Babych.

Highlights from the 2023 calendar include shows from stand-up comics Andy Parsons and Jen Brister, Grease performed by a local theatre company, Les Misérables School edition by Hull’s own State of the Arts Academy, and the popular Summer Schools. Their 2023 Christmas production (it is not a panto!) is Pinocchio.

We cannot overstate how packed their programme is and what a gem of a place this is. You can find out more on the Hull Truck Theatre website



The Plowright Theatre and The Baths Hall form Scunthorpe Theatres. Between them, they have a programme of events, concerts, and shows both by their own team and visiting companies. Since reopening for a full refurbishment in 2011, The Baths Hall has hosted acts such as Florence and the Machine, stand-up comedians Bill Bailey and Jimmy Carr, and music icon Paul Weller. The Plowright Theatre, renamed in the 1990s after local acting icon Joan Plowright, has existed since the 1950s and has seen many big names pass through, including comedy legend Lee Evans.

The 2023 programme includes the popular summer schools, Disco for Grown-Ups, Blackadder the Third performed by a local theatre company, and stand-up comedian Rich Hall. Early 2024 sees a visit from comedian Stewart Lee and dance shows from Strictly’s Giovanni Pernice.

Find out more on the Scunthorpe Theatres website


The area has a lot of street and live music festivals, including Hull’s Freedom Festival and the many events put on in Grimsby by The Culture House, but Humber Street Sesh is a particular favourite. With a whole day of live music over several stages in the Humber Street, Hull Marina, and Wellington Street neighbourhood, there is plenty of opportunity to catch some of your favourite bands and be introduced to some new ones. There are music styles from all over the world, a silent disco, numerous food stands, and dancing into the wee hours.

Find out more at Humber Street Sesh

Junction Goole


Junction Goole, Goole’s multi award-winning centre for the arts, is a venue that punches above its weight with a mix of music events, theatre performances, cinema screenings, art workshops and exhibitions, and open mic nights. Highlights of 2023 include screenings of the Barbie movie and Oppenheimer, performances of Shrek the Musical by a local amateur theatre group, a gig from Fairport Convention, and their festive in-house production Hansel & Gretel.

Find out more at Junction Goole

Honorable mentions also to East Riding Theatre in Beverley and Pocklington Arts Centre, which are also fantastic smaller arts venues well worth a visit or three.


Hull’s biggest and oldest theatre has seen its fair share of world-class productions since its establishment in the 1930s. Newly reopened after a huge refurbishment, Hull New Theatre is the venue in the area most likely to host West End productions and tours.

Highlights in 2023 include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical, Sister Act, a 50-year anniversary celebration of Rocky Horror Show, The Official Take That Musical, and the traditional annual panto which in 2023 is Cinderella.

Learn more at Hull New Theatre

Hull New Theatre works alongside Hull City Hall, which also hosts some amazing events; 2023 sees the City Hall host the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as Hull Philharmonic, and shows such as Milkshake Live, and a stop on the tour of comedy anarchist Frankie Boyle.


Ferens Art Gallery is Hull’s biggest art gallery. Owned and operated by Hull City Council’s Culture and Leisure team, it houses art from around the world including work by Lorenzetti, Frans Hal, and Antonio Canaletto. The Ferens also has a programme of guest exhibitions and hosts an annual Open Exhibition and Young Artist Open Exhibition.

In 2017 during Hull’s tenure as UK City of Culture, Ferens Art Gallery was the venue for the Turner Prize. The gallery hosts numerous arts events and corporate events throughout the year, and it’s a beautiful building that is worth a visit in itself.

Learn more at Ferens Art Gallery

Other art galleries in the Humber area include Humber Street Gallery in Hull, turntable Gallery in Grimsby, The Treasure House in Beverley, and Goole Museum

Ferens art gallery


The Humber region's arts and culture venues embody the spirit of innovation, diversity, and community engagement that the Humber is known for. From theaters that ignite the imagination to galleries that inspire contemplation, the region offers a multifaceted experience that transcends time and tradition. Through the convergence of the contemporary spaces and public art initiatives, this region weaves a rich tapestry that reflects the intersection of creativity, heritage, and modern expression. As visitors and locals alike explore these venues, they contribute to the ongoing narrative of the Humber region's cultural identity, ensuring its legacy as a haven for arts and culture endures for generations to come.

Watch this video about Samantha Garrod, a Hull native who works at Connexin Live (formerly Bonus Arena), another great venue with amazing events and concerts.