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Using the Bondholders membership portal

We have taken away the company-wide logins and members will need to register on an individual basis. Any logins issued before May 2024 will no longer work. If you have registered after May 2024 and you have forgotten your login details, you can request a new password directly from the site.

You will need to navigate to the Bondholders area where it will ask you to either log in or register a new profile. To create a new profile you will need to use your company email address which matches the Bondholders organisation's URL on our system. You can add your own details including a headshot if you wish, and you also have the option of allowing your profile, or not, to appear on your organisation's Bondholders profile page. The Future Humber team will need to manually approve your registration request so please be patient. If you experience any problems during registration, please email 

Yes, you can. Any registered member can start a new post and comment on someone else's. You will get a notification when someone replies to your post. You can choose what contact details to give on the post as members are not permitted to message each other through the site.  

Please use the forum to share any messages you have for other Bondholders, such as special offers, events, tender opportunities, or to ask for advice.

You can deactivate your members account yourself. If you join an organisation who are also Bondholders, you need to create a new account linked to your new role and using your new email address. Get in touch on if you experience a problem completing this process.

Images and videos can be accessed and downloaded by any registered user. Visit the Image library page, find a folder that contains images you want to look at, and hit download. If you require hi-res versions of an image for use in print, please get in touch

Bondholders profile pages

To make any changes to your organisation's Bondholders profile page, please see your organisation's lead Bondholders contact and ask them to get in touch with the team at Future Humber. Individual members are not able to make changes to the profile directly. The changes that can be made include.... the company logo, the company description, social media links, and associated resources and documents which are added to the profile. 

To be added to the Meet the Team section, three things must be in place.....

  1. You must have an approved membership portal profile
  2. You must have uploaded a suitable headshot to your profile
  3. You have ticked the option 'Add my profile to my organisation's profile page' in your account. 
News, events, and jobs

Bondholders can send their news releases to the Future Humber team at with relevant images. A selection of news items will be shared on social media bulletins and the Humber Spotlight enews as appropriate and at the editor's discretion. 

Please send details of your event to 

To be added to the calendar we need start and end times and dates, a location and information about the event including how to book a place. We need graphics, ideally in both 2:1 and square format. 

Events will be added to the calendar at the editor's discretion

Bondholders can send details of their vacancies to

We must have.....

  • Salary information 
  • A link to where to get more information or to apply
  • A deadline/expiry date