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Future Humber

The new brand – our journey to Future Humber

2 May 2023

You may have noticed that these days, we are going by the name of Future Humber and you would be right. This move is a big part of our evolution as an organisation.

TLDR; Marketing Humber is now Future Humber to reflect our growth as an organisation . We hope that the updated brand will make Bondholders a more powerful force in the Humber and the wider business community. The Young Talent Network becomes Talent+.


We have been operating as Marketing Humber for several years and have built a reputation not only as a source of support for collective projects but also for defining priorities and driving projects across the Humber region. We are more than marketing.

Feedback from our stakeholders, including our Bondholders, has confirmed our belief that we need to be known for the part that we play in not only promoting the Humber but in actively shaping it. We need a name and brand that reflects this and will take us all into the future.

We have been working with the team at Pace Communications to develop an external brand that is modern and represents us clearly and consistently to the right people. We are really pleased with the final result.


Future Humber is the new name for Marketing Humber. From April 2023, we will be known as Future Humber and will be using the new brand and narrative with the hope that this reflects the scale of what we do.

Our new logo is bold and dynamic, simplifying the old multi-coloured logo that you will be familiar with. The Future Humber logo has four vibrant colours, each representing one of our four Ps – more on that later. The logo contains a hidden H and B. Can you see them?

Future humber


Have we ever not been Bondholders to you? It is clear that the Bondholder brand is something that has your hearts and minds, which is why we have made sure that during our rebrand we have recommitted to the Bondholder brand and put our members at the heart of what we do.

Bondholders is now claiming its rightful place as our internal brand, while Future Humber leads our external voice. Bondholders now has its own dedicated logo to strengthen the link between Bondholders and Future Humber, with the intention that the two brands can be used together or separately where appropriate.

This logo contains a hidden B and H. Can you spot it?

Bond holders


The Young Talent Network (YTN) has been a valuable part of our delivery and we certainly plan to continue the offering to young employees and entrepreneurs and their employers. However, there is the recognition that emerging talent isn’t always young and we want to embrace all those who want to learn more about the world of business in the Humber region. In addition, the YTN is about more than networking; there is a big focus on collective learning and mentorship and making meaningful connections.

Again, after extensive feedback from those who are part of YTN, especially the ever-cherished steering group, we have simplified this brand, dropping ‘Young’ and ‘Network’ and focusing purely on Talent. Going forward, we will be using Talent+ for all events and activity that is provided for emerging talent of all ages, and this activity will be run under the umbrella of Bondholders. We will also be increasing the focus on mentorship, so watch out for more information about that.

You can learn more about Talent+ at Talent+


The Four Ps are elements which underpin our values and give us focus.

These are….


From the Bondholders network, through developing and supporting emerging talent, to creating a region where everyone can thrive, we are all about people. We work with our members to facilitate investment and create growth that benefits the people of the Humber. The Bondholder network connects 60,000 employees across the region, and we continue to drive projects with our people in mind.


The Humber is unique, and bursting with energy and innovation. We want to share this with the world and showcase our strengths, putting the Humber on the map. We will continue to champion the Humber as the place to be. We love where we live and work and we will push to promote and shape the Humber of the future.


A big part of what we do is making connections, putting the right people together to make things happen. We bring together the most dynamic and influential businesses with each other and with key external partners, to create and facilitate opportunities across the Humber region. We will continue to do this, promoting and utilising the Bondholders network.


We are passionate about growth and safeguarding and creating jobs but recognise that this cannot come at the expense of our planet. We are committed to supporting the region’s transition to a zero-carbon economy, creating a world-leading economic model for global decarbonisation.


We will continue to champion the Humber as a place for innovation and decarbonisation, facilitating the partnerships that will make things happen.

As an organisation, we have a lot of things coming up, such as the Innovation Zero Congress which will bring together a range of Humber based businesses with key players in the UK’s green tech sector and showcase the region to the rest of the world.

Our Humber 2030 Vision will continue to showcase the ambition of the region to reach net zero and outline the opportunities that exist for growth through decarbonisation.

Look out for Humber Business Week in June. This is an event which brings together a huge range of organisations in the Humber region which we are again supporting through events throughout the week. Your business can get involved by hosting their own event.

Long term, we will be here working on the Humber of the future for a while longer yet. If you want to be involved as a Bondholder, have a look at our Bondholder information page. We would love to have you on board.


We announced our rebrand to our Bondholders first at the Principal and Major Partners Roundtable event on the 26th April 2023. It was a fantastic event which heard from Bondholders Hull College, ABP, and Wykeland as well as from Paul Sewell OBE of Sewell Group and Craig Fletcher of Hull KR. It concluded with a tour of the Sewell Group Craven Park Stadium.

5 1
3 1
2 4

We know that Bondholders love the Bondholders badges so we made some new ones for the new brand. Do you like them? They are made from bamboo rather than metal as part of our drive towards sustainability. We got them from Systematic Print, a company who are able to provide promotional gifts which are more eco-friendly.


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