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The Humber on the TV – Lobsters, land trains, and the Humber Bridge

24 May 2024

The Humber region has been on the TV again recently.  

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TV chef Andi Oliver, with her shellfish allergy, makes a potentially risky visit to Bridlington where she learns more about the Lobster Capital of Europe and tries to engage the town’s youth in choosing commercial fishing as a career, carrying on the town’s heritage.  

In this episode of Andi Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts, we see all round the foodie delights of Bridlington and Yorkshire, including a trip to a vegan bakery and a Michelin-starred restaurant. We also get to see some of the local teenagers try their hand at deep sea angling.  

With help from the famous land train and a loudhailer, Andi shares the delights of local food with local people and unsuspecting tourists in this popular seaside resort.  

Watch now at:  

Screenshot 2024 04 26 105623

Britain’s Greatest Bridges – S1 E6 The Humber Bridge 

Someone said something this week which reminded me of an episode of Britain’s Greatest Bridges on Channel 5. If you’re into civil engineering, then the entire series is superb, but even if you’re not, this episode is a lovely way to get to know the Humber region.  

Rob Bell explores the challenges involved with the local topography, the impact of national politics on local communities, and how the bridge created one of the biggest industrial clusters in the UK.  

This is a great show for transport nerds, geography geeks, and local history buffs. 

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