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Future Humber

Hullywood Film & TV Trail

4 April 2024

Hull has provided the backdrop for many TV shows and films. A new trail map from Visit Hull is highlighting locations that TV and movie fans may find familiar.

Hullywood Film and TV Trail

Have you seen the recent Netflix series Bodies? If you're a fan of murder mystery, time travel, and gritty drama then it could be right up your street. Did you know that some of the scenes were shot in Hull? Notably, the main house in the series, which is at the centre of a time-travelling mystery, is actually Wilberforce House on Hull's High Street, and the shopping centre which was the site of a shoot off was really Princes Quay in disguise.

Bodies is not the only TV series or movie which has used the city of Hull as a filming location. In fact, the whole Humber region is gaining popularity as a hotbed for filming activity. Hullraisers, written by local comedian Lucy Beaumont among others, is set in the city and a large number of scenes were shot on location, however Hull, in particular the old town with its well preserved period architecture, has doubled as Dickensian and Victorian London with buildings such as the nearby Guildhall and Hull City Hall being substitutes for more inaccessible buildings such as London court buildings and royal palaces.

Other areas in the Humber have also seen movie making activity. BBC's Boat Story was filmed in and around the Humber estuary, and Beverley Minster has doubled for Westminster Abbey in the ITV series Victoria. There are many more places which are featured on a new map.

Due to popular demand, Visit Hull have produced a map highlighting key sites in Hull where film fans can go to find the streets where their favourite shows and movies were shot. If you want to tread the same cobbles as Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, or Stephen Graham, Julie Walters and Robbie Coltrane, then you can!

Hull and the Humber is fast becoming a go-to region for the TV and film industry due to the variety of landscapes available over a reasonably small area, the availability of skilled workers, and the accommodating attitude of the local community.

If you want to explore Hull as a filming location, then you can find out more at Film Hull