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Future Humber

Choose Hull - by Clem Wear

29 September 2023

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A video about Hull has gone viral, and this time it's for all the right reasons. Have you seen this one?

At Future Humber we do as much as we can to promote the Humber region to investors, people who are relocating here for work or study, and to anyone else who will listen. But we're not the only ones! The Humber region is a great place to call home and there are plenty of people both here and elsewhere in the world happy to spread the word about the region and its many features.

One of these is David Craik of Clem Wear. When asked to produce a 'Choose Hull' T-shirt by a friend who sounds to be a big advocate of the Humber's main city, David needed a way of promoting it along with all his other creations.

Here's the video he made for social media to explain not only what you can choose to do in the fair city of Hull but also explain that while you may consciously choose Hull, it may actually be the case that Hull chooses you. If you're familiar with Hull, I'm sure you'd agree with the sentiment.

What do you think? What would you add to his list?

You can hear from David Craik and the idea behind the Choose Hull video on BBC Sounds at