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Future Humber

What were you doing in 1994? - flashback with Future Humber

11 June 2024

2024 marks 30 years since the launch of Bondholders. As the first Bondholders scheme in the UK, we are proud to have been playing a leading role in promoting and developing Hull and then the Humber region for three decades.

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A lot has changed in 30 years and a lot has stayed the same, but we want to know what you were doing in 1994.  

Here’s what the Future Humber team were doing 30 years ago. 

Diana Taylor, Managing Director, Future Humber 

Diana Taylor of Future Humber

In 1994, I had successfully extended my student life down south for a further 3 years and was working in the labs researching for my DPhil in Organic Chemistry - I really did like student life - lots of sport, lots of friends, and judging by the photos I dug out from that time, it would appear that I spent any earnings on travel!  

 The significant photo I share is the bottom right – this is the year I took a trip to California to travel down into Mexico with one of my brothers - he studied at the rather well-known University of Hull, playing rugby and partying mainly I seem to remember. I would visit some weekends and tag along as little sisters do, joining him at the Uni bar and then travelling into town to go to The Waterfront or Spiders where he was a bouncer. Little did I know, these experiences and early relationship with Hull would lay the foundation for my future. When the opportunity arose a few years later to join BP Chemicals at Saltend in 1996, I leapt at the chance, drawn by the familiarity of the city, the surrounding region, and the promise of a fulfilling career…..and I never left.    

The Humber, with all the memories and connections that have grown in the 30 years since that trip, will always hold a special place in my heart. It was where I built my career, brought up my family, and ultimately, made my home. 

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Leahann Barnes, Engagement & Stakeholder Manager, Future Humber

Leahann barnes of future humber

In 1994, I was finishing my last year at University (‘down South’) studying a joint BA Hons in English and Sociology. I graduated that year from the University of Surrey with a 2:1 degree and secured a graduate placement role at TSMS (Television Sales & Marketing Services) commuting from Teddington in London to Hanger Lane on an annual grad salary of £10k. TSMS was a JV between Central and Anglia Television and my role was to secure airtime sales and program sponsorships for Anglia and Ulster Television stations with London based advertising agencies.  

TV was a big thing in the 1990’s, I used to love watching Ab Fab, Chris Evans’ Don't Forget Your Toothbrush and Have I Got News for You (especially after being stuck in a lift with Clive Anderson in The Savoy).   

Back in the day we never had any i-phones, Google, Dropbox or Netflix and at work I probably used one of the first ever Windows PCs. Although 1994 was the year the World Wide Web was born, a.k.a. the Internet as we know it today, I didn’t have access to the internet, just an in-house company intranet.  

From that year, I remember the dreadful Fred and Rosemary West case, going to the cinema to watch Four Weddings and a Funeral, reading Iain Banks novels and the National Lottery starting - as well as many wonderful nights out and having to get the Night Bus from London’s Trafalgar Square home.  

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Joanne Brady, Digital Marketing Executive, Future Humber 

Joanne Brady of Future Humber

In 1994, I was seventeen years old. I lived with my mum and dad and younger brother and younger sister in a house in East Hull and I was midway through A-Levels at Wilberforce College, where I played on the sports teams and studied hard (honest!). 

This was the year I stepped out of my comfort zone and performed in the college panto. The producers took one look at my acting skills and put me in the chorus and in charge of props. I also went on the French language exchange with a trip to Charleroi in Belgium early in the year and the Belgian students came over to Hull in the Autumn. We took them to The Crown on Holderness Road and also to LA’s nightclub and to Silhouette club on Park Street, which was all an experience and a half.  

I had a part-time job, first at a local convenience store and then later in the year I switched to being a glass collector at The Mint in Hull’s old town. I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I left college in 1995 and took up an apprenticeship at a printing firm in Hull.  

I don’t have many photos from that year as there were no camera phones in those days and cameras only came out for very special occasions. Thank goodness for the Hull Daily Mail’s sports spotlight section, or I’m not sure I’d have any photographic evidence that I did exist in 1994! 

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Paige McGowan, Marketing Manager, Future Humber 

Paige Mc Gowan of Future Humber

As a Christmas Eve baby of 1993, 1994 was my very first year of life! As the firstborn of my siblings and cousins, I was spoiled with all the love, hugs, and attention my family had to offer, especially since my mum was one of three sisters.  

While my fellow colleagues have shared their impressive travel and academic achievements, I was making significant progress of my own in 1994. Crawling by three months old, I would lunge and pinch toast from my friend Nathan, who was six months older than me and significantly bigger, but I was the boss.  

After a few weeks of pulling myself up and scaling the sofa, I was walking by 10 months. I loved exploring my grandma and grandad's house, although this put me in the bad books with Gina, the family golden retriever. We had a love-hate relationship; while she wasn't thrilled about me taking the limelight, she still protected me from anyone who approached.  

My first word was "no," which as I got older, I frequently said to my imaginary friend, Drop Dead Fred style - she wanted to go on my bike, apparently, I didn't want to share! It's also amusing to learn this, as "nooo" is a word we Hullians are well-known and teased for.  

Just as it is today, my favourite drink was milk, and although I wasn't too interested in TV, you could catch me drinking a bottle while watching my favorite programme, Rosie and Jim!  

As you can imagine, photos are sparse from back then, but here are a few I've found—probably a good thing that there's not too much evidence of these outfits! 

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If you are left wondering why our whole team isn't sharing their 1994 experiences, please be assured it's for a very good reason; Bondholders has been in existence longer than some of the team have spent in the world! We are sure that Bondholders will continue to thrive and grow for another 30 years whoever is leading and working on their behalf across the Humber region.