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Future Humber

Creating the Humber Place Narrative

7 March 2024

This last week we have invited you to continue participation in vital conversations unfolding throughout the Humber region and beyond. These discussions are instrumental in shaping our collective vision for the future development, presentation, and perception of our cherished Humber.

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As stakeholders and citizens, we hold the power to influence how our region is portrayed to investors, businesses, employees, and visitors—those we aspire to attract both now and in the years to come.

This is of course referring to the Humber place narrative which has recently been commissioned by Future Humber and Bondholders. The work is being delivered by a consortium of experts including HemingwayDesign, CTConsults and Pace Communications.

Our engagement with you continued through an immense set of Focus Group sessions!

8 focus groups

After the invigorating launch of these session with a Bondholders Breakfast, we embarked on a dynamic journey, hosting seven further sector-specific focus groups across three days. These sessions were meticulously planned to glean insights from individuals representing pivotal sectors within Humber, including the vibrant voices of students and young professionals.

Stakeholder Active Participation

Across three days, 27-29 February, Bondholders and guests convened at locations around Humber for pivotal discussions aimed at shaping the forthcoming Humber place narrative. Facilitated by CTConsults, these gatherings urged participants to reflect deeply on their relationship with the Humber region and provide insights into essential questions about our shared community.

Andrew Palmer, Director at CTConsults, delved into the concept of place narrative and its implications for Humber, drawing upon lessons learned from comparable projects elsewhere. Emphasising the need for collaboration, Andrew highlighted its pivotal role in shaping the efficacy of our eventual messaging.

Amy Lewis, Place Consultant at CTConsults, led engaging interactive sessions utilising MentiMeter to explore audience-contributed ideas. The wealth of insights generated during this session not only enhanced our understanding of the local context but also provided valuable fodder for further research and deliberation.

We thank all attendees for their active participation, thought-provoking contributions, and subsequent efforts in disseminating discussions surrounding the development of the Humber place narrative. We are also thankful to those who have amplified the reach of our online survey to a broader audience.

Sector Focus Groups included:

  • Broad Business - Bondholder Breakfast
  • Students and Young People
  • Ports and Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Digital
  • Culture, Community, Sport and Leisure - North Bank
  • Culture, Community, Sports and Leisure - South Bank
  • Energy and Chemicals


All the insightful data collected from these focus groups has continued to shape our ongoing programme. The consortium will now dedicate time to meticulously process the responses and conduct additional research to deepen our understanding. At the same time, our online survey will remain active for several more weeks, providing an invaluable channel to seek diverse perspectives. We urge individuals from all corners of the UK and beyond to participate and contribute their insights. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future narrative of the Humber region.

Please spare a few moments to complete the survey and extend the invitation to your contacts both nationally and internationally. Humber | Survey

The insights collated will undergo rigorous testing, challenges, and refinement through the collaborative efforts of a regional Place Steering Group, comprising individuals carefully selected from diverse corners of the region.

Together, we can amplify our collective voice and drive positive change.

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The unveiling of the brand new Humber place narrative marks just the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. Join us at the opening event of Humber Business Week on June 3rd, 2024, as we introduce this transformative narrative to the world. We look forward to showcasing how the narrative comes to life through regional projects and initiatives. Moreover, we're committed to equipping our stakeholders with the tools and resources needed to become ambassadors of our shared story, amplifying our message far and wide. The journey continues beyond the unveiling event as we embark on a collective effort to take ownership of this narrative and shape the future of our region.

You can book a place at this event at Humber Business Week 2024 - Unveiling the Humber Placebrand

Humber business week launch event 2024