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Rapid Insights: Money Matters

6th March 2023
12:00am - 12:00am
Bonus Arena, Hull
Rapid insights

Rapid Insights share knowledge, skills, and new ways of thinking with minimal time commitment and maximum impact. They are the perfect opportunity to hear from subject area experts about topics that have a wide relevance. Following a succession of online Rapid Insight episodes in 2022, we brought them to life!

Delegates from across the region joined us on Monday 6th March to be part of the Young Talent Network experience, alongside Marketing Humber’s first Bondholder Breakfast of the year. Experts in the finance sector led interactive group discussions to share their expertise around mortgages, pensions and money management – critical personal finance topics we all need to know about. We were joined by Janet Bedford, Beverley Building Society, Joe Sanders FPFS, Informed Financial Planning, and Sharon Bourne, Barclays Eagle Labs.

The event ran in fifteen minute blocks, allowing enough time for a bitesize insight into three key topics. Our speakers led each insight responding to questions and particular areas of interest from their group, offering guidance on themes such as buying a house, budgeting for everyday life while making investments and building an emergency fund, as well as managing pensions and building a safety net for retirement.

It is fair to say the event served as a reminder for many of its attendees to look at their spending and saving habits and delve a little bit deeper into pension contributions and workplace benefits - things that are often left behind when you sign a job contract!

With the event running alongside Marketing Humber’s first Bondholder Breakfast of the year, it was a fantastic opportunity for members of the Young Talent Network to engage with the local business community.

Didn't manage to join us? View Janet Bedford, Beverley Building Society's presentation for a flavour of the event, here.