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Making a Manager: Becoming the leader you aspire to be

15th February 2022
12:00am - 12:00am
City Group X, K2 Bond Street, Hull
Makinga manager

Marketing Humber's Young Talent Network’s first event of the year took place on Tuesday 15th February at City Group X, K2. Bond Street Hull. Antonio Tombanane, Founder of Tech Week Humber, led the session, offering his words of wisdom to help you crack the critical personal and professional skills you need when becoming the leader you aspire to be, and answering the question ‘what makes great management?’.

Antonio shared some tips and tricks from his own journey, covering everything from how to create a positive work culture and adapting to a hybrid environment, as well as how to give your team the confidence they need, and how to find that confidence yourself.

The session included a Q&A with Antonio, giving attendees the opportunity to ask for advice tailored to their own journeys.

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