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G.F. Smith Industry Insight: a Tech Week Humber event

9th November 2022
12:00am - 12:00am
G.F. Smith, Lockwood St, Hull HU2 0HL
GF Smith

Delegates joined us for a unique behind the scenes experience as part of Tech Week Humber to discover how G.F Smith has built its outstanding reputation of maker and curator of the world’s finest papers, and what it is that makes the business a true cut above the rest.

G.F Smith laid its foundations in Hull 135 years ago and partners with an array of exciting brands, and talented creatives and designers, enabling the production of really special results from something so simple. Today, the business offers a range of services and products, utilising one of the world’s oldest and most recognisable materials, with a combination of traditional processes and innovative technologies.

The insight started with arrival refreshments and networking, followed by an introduction to G.F Smith from Gareth Sheeky, Finance Director, and Ben Watkinson, Creative Director, who discussed how the perhaps unassuming Hull-based company is a market-leader, and has a place in the global luxury brand and design community as provider to some of the most recognisable names out there. Delegates learned how G.F Smith’s values sit at the heart of everything they do, and that inspiring people across the globe is their core aim.

From there, delegates were split into groups and taken on a tour of the site, led by Josh Williams and Dave Power of the Business Development Team. The tour included a visit to the factory and samples room, with the opportunity to see envelope-making, CAD and duplex printing processes. The factory was filled with mix of new and traditional technology, in addition to careful hand-made craft. One of the biggest takeaways for delegates was that pride was so evident in the workforce – the people behind G.F Smith love what they do, love the business, and love Hull.

A fascinating opportunity to gain an insight into a business with its roots firmly in Hull, but its name and services branching worldwide.


  • Gareth Sheeky, Finance Director
  • Ben Watkinson, Creative Director

About G.F Smith:

George Frederick Smith’s guiding passion was a love for paper and a fascination for its limitless possibilities. This singular obsession led him to establish G.F Smith & Son in 1885. His passion took him across the Atlantic, seeking out the most beautiful paper, and created a legacy which, to this day, has put people and paper at its heart.

Paper remains a profoundly important and valuable material. Today, more than ever, paper’s simple beauty re-asserts its importance in our lives. In a world of transient communications and fleeting digital memories, paper offers texture, weight and sensation. Paper reminds us that skill, craft and creativity coupled with something as naturally beautiful as paper can leave a lasting and powerful impression.

Now a global supplier of premium paper, G.F Smith makes and curates the world’s finest and most distinctive papers. Rooted in Hull, but working in partnership with brands, creatives, designers and paper specialists throughout the world, G.F Smith provide the foundation for those that seek to create.