#whereitbegins was created to demonstrate the great opportunities and varying careers available across the Humber and to support Bondholders to attract talent that will help the region thrive.

The film presents case studies of young talented individuals who have started their professional lives within our businesses and organisations.


Bondholders worked with a focus group of 17-24 year olds to inform our campaign. This film was produced during the focus group and features seven 17-24 year olds, all in different stages of education and employment, discussing their experiences, motivations and ambitions to progress a career.

We also worked with a focus group of business leaders from across the Humber region. This film features eight business leaders, from a cross-section of industries, discussing their career history, experiences, motivations and ambitions.


To all involved in the creation of these films and in the growth and momentum building around Talent+.

Everyone featured in the films is local to the Bondholder network and Humber area.

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