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Humber Place Brand

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Why is place branding important?

Successful place branding will help move Humber’s current place perception in the desired direction -activating the region’s identity and positively influencing its reputation and profile. Influencing perceptions; increasing recognition; creating desire and demand; and instilling confidence and excitement. 

It will help in building civic pride - making local residents feel good about Humber; attracting new people to live and work in the town; driving economic growth and attracting further investment; retaining young people in the area; or encouraging local people to spend more time and money in the area.

What is the aim for the place brand? 

To define an honest, but aspirational, set of shared values and common goals that give focus to a place and its people and sets it apart from other places.

This will foster cohesive ‘on brand’ behaviour, guide decisions that reflect the essence of the place, and deliver a consistent and unified message to all audiences.

We are doing this to influence and enhance lived experience and to guide and elevate perceptions.

We all own the Humber place brand, and now it is down to us to live it by taking consistent and collective action rooted in our shared identities and values.

The Humber leads the way in the digital sector case study

It’s up to us to take collective action 

  1. Access the toolkit – share it with your teams and networks
  2. Try out the brand filter 
  3. Share your projects of impact with us
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Successful place branding enables better decision-making and encourages cohesive behaviour that shapes perceptions. 

The brand filter is a hands-on tool turning values into a decision-making framework. It informs, inspires, and tests ideas or initiatives, ensuring they align with the place brand values. It fosters collaboration, clarity, innovation, and common goals, enabling actions the region’s future

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