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Inside the Factory - Inside Aunt Bessie's in Hull

2 January 2024

Gregg Wallace steps inside a huge Yorkshire puddings factory in Hull to learn how Aunt Bessie’s produces a staggering 500 million Yorkshire puddings every year.

Yorkshire puddings

Aunt Bessie's is one of the most recognisable brands in the UK with a range of frozen vegetables and roast potatoes, desserts, and frozen chips. Did you know, their frozen Yorkshire puddings are processed right here in the Humber?

For the Inside the Factory series, Gregg Wallace visited the huge Aunt Bessie's plant in Hull to find out more about the production of Yorkshire Puddings, one of the region's most famous delicacies. The Aunt Bessie's Hull factory produces more than 1 million Yorkshire Puddings every single day and they are distributed all over the world.

Did you watch the show? It was a fascinating insight into modern food processing and a reminder of how big the food production industry is in the Humber. The programme also pays a visit to Wold Grain, a 100,000 tonne grain storage facility in Lincolnshire.

We have two important questions for you....

1) Do you have Yorkshire Puddings on your Christmas dinner?

2) When you make your own Yorkshire Puddings, do you start with the liquids or with the flours?

The answers are, of course, yes and liquids first (as that's how my mum showed me and it works, so it must be right!)

Get the answers to these and many more important Yorkshire Pudding related questions on this episode of Inside the Factory.

You can watch now on BBC iPlayer at Inside the Factory - Aunt Bessie's in Hull on BBC iPlayer

You can find out more about Aunt Bessie's on Wikipedia

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About Yorkshire Puddings

  • Yorkshire Puddings date from the 18th century and were traditionally a way of supplementing roast meats, though they can be served in their own right either as a savoury dish or as a sweet.
  • Yorkshire Puddings are very easy to make though not always easy to get right. They are both an art and a science. They are made from a mix of egg, milk and flour, and sometimes salt, which is baked in a hot, oiled pudding tin.
  • Yorkshire Pudding Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in February in Britain and on October 13th in the USA
  • The Humber has over 2,500 food and drink businesses in all parts of the production process from growing through processing to retailing, contributing over £2bn to the UK economy.
  • We process 70% of the UK's chilled and frozen seafood, with the Grimsby Traditional Smokers Group holding EU protected status.
  • Food and Drink brands that are based in the Humber include Golder Wonder, AAK, House of Townend, Pipers Crisps, and Young's.
    You can see more facts about the Humber's food and drink industry at
Facts about the humber food processing industry

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