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CATCH is a leader in skills, apprenticeships, and competency driven by industrial members and rooted deeply in industry, 

In an era where advancements and industry demands evolve at an unprecedented pace, the need for specialised skills in green industries has never been more critical. CATCH, an industry-led partnership organisation based in Stallingborough, stands at the forefront of this transformation, embodying the next level of industry skill development. This case study delves into how CATCH has dialled up industry skills in the region, setting a benchmark for collaboration and long-term investment in the workforce.

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Since its inception, CATCH has been instrumental in bridging the gap between industry needs and workforce capabilities in Lincolnshire and beyond. With a rich history of collaboration, CATCH leverages its extensive network of companies through membership to drive innovation and skills development. The industrial landscape of Greater Lincolnshire, characterised by its diverse sectors, presented unique challenges and opportunities for CATCH to enhance industry skills at a volume not seen before in the region. 

The primary challenge facing Greater Lincolnshire's industries is tackling the engineering construction skill shortages anticipated in the Humber cluster and across the UK.  In anticipation of a series of Net Zero projects set to commence from as early as 2024 and beyond, a significant demand for skilled labour is on the horizon. These projects are projected to generate a potential 20,000 new industrial jobs, necessitating an unprecedented, rapid upscaling of the existing skills pipelines.  CATCH recognised the urgent need for a strategic approach to skill development that was both industry-led and collaborative. 

CATCH's strategy centred on dialling up industry skills through a membership-based collaboration model. This approach emphasised the importance of industry-led initiatives, ensuring that the skills developed were directly aligned with current and future industry needs. Key to this strategy was fostering a culture of collaboration among member companies, educational institutions, and other stakeholders. Following initial funding support from key industrial sponsors, and CATCH members, Phillips 66 Limited, Harbour Energy, and VPI Power, CATCH has developed plans for the future training centre expansion needed to deliver 1000 new entrants per year by 2029 – The National Net Zero Training Centre.

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Subject to further partner engagement and planning permission, the new facility is planned to house a national net zero conference and learning centre, bespoke classrooms and workshops for electrical, instrumentation, mechanical technical skills, a welding and fabrication hub with an impressive 160 welding bays, and a UK first of kind outdoor Process Unit Training Module to enable a real process site experience in a safe environment for all trade skills. In addition, provisions cater for enhanced car parking facilities and a dedicated CATCH regional bus infrastructure to help get talented apprentices to the site from across the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire regions

A phased expansion: The first phase of CATCH’s expansion plan is a £2 million joint venture between the industry-led training centre, initial investors Phillips 66 Limited, VPI Immingham power station and Harbour Energy, alongside ECITB’s funding.  This approach secures the transformation of the centres training facilities in Stallingborough, as they move towards the goal of increasing learning capacity by 92% in 2024 as part of scaling up the number of new entrants to industry.   This first stage includes a refit to its training centre during summer 2024 which will see an increase in welding, pipefitting and plating bays from 24 to 68 in addition to creating another workshop space for electrical & instrumentation. 

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Engagement: CATCH established partnerships across industrial companies to support employers on their journey to introduce new entrants to industry. Whist providing networks and events to facilitate industry wide collaboration. 

Schools Engagement: A long term plan has been developed to make industry careers attractive, to support educational excellence and to inspire the next generation of industry craftspeople.

CATCH's journey in transforming industry skills in Greater Lincolnshire and beyond is a testament to the power of collaboration and long-term investment. By adopting an industry-led approach, CATCH is successfully addressing the challenges of the industrial workforce, setting a new standard for skills development. As they look to the future, CATCH remains committed expanding their impact, ensuring that Greater Lincolnshire's industries are equipped to thrive in years to come.

Industry professionals, companies, and potential members are encouraged to join CATCH in their mission to elevate industry skills in Greater Lincolnshire. Together, we can continue to build a skilled, competitive workforce. For more information on becoming a member or partnering with CATCH and the new National Net Zero Training Centre, please visit our website.

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