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Uniper Principal Partner

Uniper is an international energy company with around 11,500 employees in more than 40 countries. In the UK, Uniper owns and operates seven power stations, and a fast-cycle gas storage facility.

Uniper is a pioneer in the field of hydrogen, with the technical expertise and experience to play an expanding role in helping the UK reach its target of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. And it has pledged to make its own European power generation portfolio carbon-neutral by 2035, with hydrogen as a cornerstone of its strategy.

Uniper has ambitious plans to develop a hydrogen hub at Killingholme, with up to 700MW blue hydrogen production and up to 100MW green hydrogen production. Its plans would see the Killingholme site producing green and blue hydrogen later this decade, which could then be used to decarbonise heavy industry, transport, heating and power throughout the Humber region.

Our ambitions for the Humber are already taking shape, as a partner in the Zero Carbon Humber project and in a partnership with Shell, to jointly progress blue hydrogen production. Uniper’s plans would contribute to the Humber’s emergence as a leader in clean energy production; future proofing the industry and ensuring a skilled workforce, to provide the essential services that we need, now and for the future.

"Being a Bondholder gives us the opportunity to network with like-minded companies and potential future partners through events such as The Waterline Summit.”