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Res digital Business Partner

Telephone Number:

0845 838 5960

Creative video producers and software developers, shooting both on location or live within our green-screen studio and we enjoy capturing drone footage. Specialising in creation of bespoke online induction systems, e.learning and corporate video and are recognised nationally as an exemplar in our fields of production. 

With an international client base built since 2005, we retain the personal approach, including our client at every stage of their video production to ensure full satisfaction.  We get the job done with the least fuss.


Alongside our video production, our software development team develop interactive solutions for induction, e.learning, training, website and beyond. 


Thanks to recent grant funding we can respond to our client’s requirements almost immediately through the install of our new Green-Screen Facility with live mixing facility, shortening production times and reducing costs dramatically - setting the recordings into corporate branded virtual dynamic backgrounds.   We are now booking slots on an hourly basis for recording interviews, Q&A sessions, E.Learning and more, which can be elevated to include live footage shot on location.


Our client base includes top-tier comah sites local to the Humber and throughout the UK, Government, local Councils, the Emergency Services and we are producers of the UKRO Academy, supporting training within the UK’s Fire & Rescue Services. 


One of the largest UK Quilting Website portals, is created and administered here at with over 80 individual bloggers submitting content daily.


We relish every challenge and are delighted to be working with Future Humber.


We aim to reach out across the Humber region and introduce new digital concepts to the region .. online Corporate TV for example for intranet or social media to elevate company communications.  We are constantly exploring innovation, evolving our offering to meet the need of the local and national marketplace in digital production.    


 The role of a Bondholder is to support the growth of our region, and by being part of the future of our region we aim to support the marketing of this across the UK and the World.