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iHelios Living Reinvented

iHelios Living Reinvented, headquartered in the UK, pioneers advanced heating solutions with our flagship product, the infrared heating film. Combining smart technology and expertise, we revolutionize comfort and control, driven by innovation and sustainability, shaping a dynamic future in the heating industry.

Our heating film offers flexible application, adaptable to various installations, ensuring versatility and ease of use. Regulated by the PTC system, it minimizes electricity consumption, reducing costs. Thermostats in each room, coupled with our mobile app, enable precise control, optimizing energy usage. Additionally, backed by our 20-year guarantee, we ensure long-term peace of mind for our customers.

With a focus on technological innovation and customer-centricity, iHelios Living Reinvented aims to expand its presence globally, entering key markets such as the USA, Canada, France, Sweden, and Poland. To meet the growing demand for our products, iHelios Living Reinvented will establish state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the UK. This strategic move will enable us to streamline production processes, ensure product quality, and reduce lead times.

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