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Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

Humberside Fire Rescue Service Major Partner

Future Plans

HFRS have a duty to produce a Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) that determines the risk mitigating activities that the Fire and Rescue Service provides to the communities across the Humber. This includes people, businesses and places across the whole area, assessing the risks to the area and providing interventions through prevention work, protecting businesses and responding to emergencies.

HFRS are an ambitious and exciting organisation and aims to improve dynamically and continually to provide the best levels of service to the Humber area. This means continual change, growth and implementing new ways of working.

HFRS are striving to improve workforce diversity, bringing in new talent through a period of recruitment needs in a range of roles across the organisation, with growth in organisational improvements as a result.

Bondholder Scheme

HFRS believes that being even more connected to the Humber area provides an opportunity to continually improve the understanding of the area, now and into the future, to maintain being an organisation that provides the best service to the community.

Being a member of the network allows for having those connections and contacts that enhances knowledge of the area, recruitment from the best talent pools across the Humber, sharing information and understanding to mutually benefit from an ever changing landscape and environment.