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Freedom Festival Arts Trust

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Freedom Festival Arts Trust is the charity behind Hull’s annual Freedom Festival, as well as an in-year rolling programme of arts events.


Freedom Festival traditionally takes place over the first weekend of September, showcasing live music, outdoor arts, street theatre, exhibitions, installations, dance and a healthy dose of the unexpected across Hull. We work closely with artists, organisations, businesses, families, individuals and community groups to create a world-class urban arts festival, bringing renowned national and international programming to the city while always ensuring opportunities for supporting and developing local and regional talent.


We constantly challenge ourselves to work with artists who are brave enough to explore and debate concepts of freedom, from both historical and contemporary viewpoints. We platform artists from all over the glove who tell their incredible stories and create impactful work, work which gets audiences talking, debating, challenging and celebrating.


Being part of Bondholders is incredibly important to us. We are huge believers that the enduring success of Hull is based on strong relationships and people, and we pride ourselves on looking constantly at new ways of partnership working and giving voice to unique collaborations across a variety of sectors.


For us, ‘Freedom’ is more than just a name. Born out of the 2007 bicentenary celebrations of the abolition of the slave trade in the UK – spearheaded by Hull's own William Wilberforce - we celebrate the city’s unique identity moulded by the spirit of Wilberforce and continue to strive to make Hull a recognised home of artistic freedom.