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Coletta & Tyson Retail Ltd

Coletta Tyson Business Partner

Coletta & Tyson is one of Europe’s largest independent specialist growers of ornamental plants with an award winning garden centre in Woodmansey. We are a family run business that are proud of our heritage and have been established for over 70 years.

• Our wholesale nurseries have the capacity to transplant and handle over two million plants per day and currently grow and sell over 80 million ornamental plants a year.
• Our garden centre has a pets department as well as a recently opened café
• The business started from one allotment on Golflinks road over 70 years ago and now operates across 13 sites with over 80 acres in production.

Across both businesses we are constantly striving for growth, development and innovation. In recent years the company has invested in world leading automation technology to complement its traditional horticultural facilities. The garden centre has also grown over the past few years, which has resulted with the recent investment into a new café creating more jobs for the local area. There are plans to expand and invest in both businesses over the next five years, which could include: -

• Increasing our Production Facilities at one of our major production sites. At the moment we have to sub contract part of our production to the West side of England as we are breaching our production constraints. Our goal is to keep the work here for Hull and East Yorkshire.
• The possibility of investing in a new Biomass Boiler at one of our major production facilities. This will again create jobs for the local area.
• Keeping on investing in our Garden Centre, which currently resides in Woodmansey, East Yorkshire, thus creating jobs for the local area.

Coletta & Tyson are very passionate about our local area. We are extremely proud that the company originated within the Hull and East Riding Region. As a result of this we support many local societies, charities and sports teams. Where we can we also prefer to use local suppliers rather than national. Raising the profile of the area is important to our company and working with the bondholders to achieve this is something that we are very excited about.