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Humber 2030 Vision

High-skilled, green jobs. Private investment to drive economic growth. A decarbonised future for our country. This is our shared vision for the Humber.

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Climate change is the defining challenge of our time, compelling us to decarbonise our economy, develop energy resilience and invest in new green technologies. The UK has adopted a global leadership position, passing into law a commitment to net zero by 2050, and challenging the world to follow at COP26. The actions that the government and businesses take to deliver net zero will determine the future of our country and its place in the world.

Decarbonising the Humber, the industrial cluster emitting more CO2 than any other in the country, is essential to achieve net zero. It is critical to supporting jobs and economic growth and delivering a sustainable future for generations to come. The Humber presents the UK’s biggest decarbonisation opportunity, providing world-leading infrastructure and investment, alongside innovation and technology that can be replicated around the world.

Quite simply, the UK can’t achieve net zero and grow the economy without decarbonising the Humber. The Humber has an array of nationally critical energy and decarbonisation projects, which must be delivered for the UK to reach net zero by 2050. From carbon capture and storage to low carbon hydrogen, these projects are the answer to the challenge of decarbonising industry and delivering clean energy for the future.

None of this will be possible without the construction of a pipeline network, to remove CO2 from carbon intensive industries like power generation, steelmaking, chemicals, and refining, and deliver hydrogen to enable fuel switching at scale. Offshore carbon dioxide storage is also vital, and the Humber has access to more licensed North Sea storage than any other cluster.

Businesses are already working closely together, pledging around £15bn in investment to deliver these projects, while developing cutting-edge training facilities to ensure local people are equipped to take on new high-skilled, green jobs.

The Humber has delivered for the UK before, leading the clean energy transition through its thriving offshore wind sector, stepping up to deliver world-class skills, manufacturing facilities and supply chains. Today, business stands ready to make the Humber the world’s leading net zero industrial cluster. Government has taken an important first step in backing the East Coast Cluster. Now is the time to deliver.

Visit for more on decarbonisation and the investment opportunities available in the Humber

Download the PDF - Humber 2030 Vision

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