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Delivery Reports

2023 Delivery Report


Foreword by Bill Walker, Chair of Future Humber

As 2023 draws to a close, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to every one of you for your unwavering support of Future Humber and our remarkable region. As Chair, it is my privilege to reflect on the myriad accomplishments of the past 12 months, while eagerly anticipating the opportunities that 2024 undoubtedly holds. 

This year has seen some spectacular strides across our diverse sectors, solidifying the Humber as a hub for innovative developments in renewable energy, clean growth, advanced manufacturing, digital, healthcare, food & agriculture, culture and creativity. Humber Freeport and the Humber Energy Board's Humber 2030 Vision stand as transformative initiatives, focused on decarbonising the UK's biggest emitting industrial cluster and on fostering a skilled workforce while unlocking rich business opportunities for a sustainable future.  

We are steadfast in our commitment to unifying the Humber's voice on the global stage. Through strategic partnerships and meaningful collaboration with key stakeholders, we continue to refine and deliver a powerful narrative that highlights the immense potential within our region. 

The array of business opportunities presented by the net zero agenda has allowed us to extend the Humber's message to wider audiences, from Westminster receptions to the UK's first Innovation Zero Congress. Our active involvement in the launch of Humber Freeport demonstrated the region's vital role in driving distinctive economic prosperity, clean growth and recognisable ‘levelling up’’ – all aligning seamlessly with national government agendas. 

We also remain committed to strengthening further our brilliant Bondholder network. Our popular Bondholder Breakfast events and Industry Insights have played a pivotal role in our delivery, facilitating rich knowledge exchange and providing a platform for our extensive business community to share inspiring stories. Our events have addressed key challenges faced by our treasured business partners large and small, emphasising sustainability, workplace culture and the evolving digital landscape. 

As continuing and proud supporters of Humber Business Week, we again kicked off Destination Monday at the MKM Stadium, exploring the emotional value in place marketing. This event, accompanied by live art and poetry, captured the vibrant and exciting essence of the Humber region. 

Conversations there inspired the need to create a new and powerful ‘Place Narrative’ for the Humber, a project poised for launch at our next Humber Business Week event in 2024. You can support and help us shape that narrative in the months ahead so please get in touch with the team if you wish to be involved. 

This year also marked a significant step in fulfilling our promise to keep our Bondholders at the heart of everything we do. The brand evolution project reaffirmed our commitment to the beloved Bondholders brand, reflecting our role as conveners and storytellers dedicated to championing the Humber's resurgent narrative of confidence, ambition, investment and opportunity. 

The Young Talent Network's growth guided us to reposition the programme within our broader Bondholders strategy, resulting in the new Talent+ programme. Open to all in our region, it connects the workforce of the future, empowering and inspiring individuals and communities by strengthening key skills and fostering meaningful connections. 

I took particular pride in welcoming our new Board of Directors at our Annual Bondholder Summer Celebration, supported by a dedicated Advisory Board. This ‘refresh’ fortifies Future Humber's voice across all sectors. Our operational team's expansion and relocation to the C4DI building in the flourishing Fruit Market area also signifies our commitment to fostering collaboration within the region's business community. 

The year also saw additions to our recruitment resources, including the Your Move brochure, showcasing career and lifestyle opportunities in the Humber. Invest Humber Net Zero's repositioning as reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive information on decarbonisation projects and the Humber as a vibrant place to live, work, and invest. 

Our fifth Waterline Summit underscored the region's crucial role in achieving the UK's net-zero goals, emphasising progress and identifying opportunities for action. As we accelerate toward net zero in 2024 and beyond, addressing challenges and opportunities in skills, talent, recruitment, technology, decarbonisation and freeports, our delivery is anchored in our four guiding ‘Ps’ of People, Place, Partnerships, and Planet. 

So much has been achieved over the past year yet so much more remains to be accomplished. I proudly invite you to explore our 2024 programme as we, collectively, continue to seek to shape a prosperous and sustainable future for the Humber region. 

Thank you again for your superb – and greatly appreciated - support during my three years so far as Chair. I look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year. 

With all best wishes,  

Bill Walker 

Chair, Future Humber 

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