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Lighting up the Isle with full fibre broadband

2 May 2024

Fast and reliable broadband is now available to thousands of residents and businesses in villages across the Isle of Axholme in North Lincolnshire.

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A full fibre network built by rural broadband provider Quickline Communications, went live in the village of Westwoodside in January following the lighting up of Belton at the end of last year.

Meanwhile, work is now complete to bring full fibre broadband to further addresses across the Isle of Axholme, with the Quickline network being extended into communities including Beltoft, West Butterwick, Althorpe and Derrythorpe who can now get connected.

More than 2,500 properties are now able to connect to the gigabit capable broadband, enabling residents to embrace a digital life they need for everyday activities such as streaming, shopping and working from home.

And, as part of the government funded Project Gigabit contract recently awarded to Quickline, communities including Crowle, East Lound, Graizelound, Owston Ferry and Wroot are also set to be connected to gigabit-capable, full fibre.

When the work concludes on the Project Gigabit programme, premises across the whole of the Isle of Axholme will have access to high speed, reliable broadband. Residents will no longer have to struggle with limited bandwidth, and businesses will be able to improve their productivity, no matter where they are.

Project Gigabit is the government’s £5 billion UK-wide programme to connect hard-to-reach areas which, without government intervention, would miss out on fast and reliable, gigabit capable broadband.

Chris Akrill, Head of FTTP Operations at Quickline, said: “Rural communities have been struggling with poor connectivity for a long time, with slow and unreliable broadband being a daily challenge.

“At Quickline our focus is on closing the digital divide between urban and rural areas and connecting those hard-to-reach communities that other providers have left behind.

“We’re delighted to be lighting up these communities across the Isle of Axholme where so many people living and working in these small hamlets and villages will really benefit.

“We had already made good progress in this rural part of North Lincolnshire and now that we are delivering Project Gigabit for the government, we will be extending our network into many of the other outlying communities in the area.”

Cllr Tim Mitchell, cabinet member for connectivity at North Lincolnshire Council is delighted to see even more people in the Isle of Axholme getting access to improved broadband connectivity, he said “Having access to the best broadband network is now an essential part of any community as people rely on fast internet.

“We are committed to improving connectivity and will continue to work with partners to ensure communities can rely on their internet connection. More people are working from home, children do homework online and older people stay connected with their families, therefore it’s vital to have good broadband.”

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