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MS3 and LHP boost digital access for Lincolnshire tenants

11 July 2024

MS3’s full fibre rollout improves broadband options for apartment residents.

MST164 Cleethorpes

Full fibre network operator MS3 Networks has partnered with Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) to bring greater choice and affordability of internet provider to the housing provider’s tenants. Over 450 residents living in LHP’s low and medium-rise apartment blocks in Grimsby and Cleethorpes will now be able to connect to MS3’s ultrafast network. 

Social housing tenants make up a third of the UK’s digitally excluded people, making it challenging for residents to access education and job opportunities. Yet, efforts to ensure residents have good internet connectivity have typically been slow, as telecoms providers face difficulties when determining how to run cabling through a multi-storey building without causing excessive disruption. 

Even in cases where apartment blocks have full fibre access, the expected disturbances and potential safety risks of additional builds have often meant that many social housing tenants can only access one provider. This lack of choice can lead to residents overpaying for their broadband. 

LHP aims to overcome this issue by granting a master wayleave agreement to MS3, allowing the operator to install its network in the housing provider’s low and mid-rise apartment blocks across Grimsby and Cleethorpes.   

The expansion with LHP will take the total number of Lincolnshire homes and businesses that can access MS3’s full fibre broadband to over 60,000, including a completed Scunthorpe build covering 37,000 premises. The partnership with LHP comes shortly after MS3 was granted permission to install its full fibre network in low and mid-rise homes owned by Hull City Council. 

“Digital exclusion caused by a lack of fast and reliable broadband is a problem that particularly affects social housing residents,” explained Jo Fleming, corporate partnerships manager at MS3. “In North East Lincolnshire, around one in eight households live in socially rented housing, so our partnership with LHP allows us to improve socialisation, education and job opportunities for residents.”

“But digital inclusion goes further than simply providing access to the infrastructure needed to get online, it’s about affordability. Due to our network of wholesale partners, residents will be able to choose a broadband option that suits their usage and budget needs, with an average annual saving of £200.”

Danny Wyer, Corporate Head of Property at LHP said: “Our partnership with MS3 will help to remove the barriers that prevent our customers in Grimsby and Cleethorpes from using the internet and benefitting from the employment and education opportunities that connectivity offers. Three quarters of our customers prefer accessing LHP services via their mobile phones or the website, so the installation of full fibre will also make it easier for them to communicate with us in this way.” 

To compare the deals available from MS3’s wholesale partners, starting from just £18 per month, enter your postcode on the website