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Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Siemens Gamesa, Sir William Siemens Way, Alexandra Dock, Hull HU9 1TA

Join us for a unique behind-the-scenes experience to discover why Siemens Gamesa is a pioneer in the green revolution of the Humber.

Siemens Gamesa, the world's leader in the offshore wind industry, has recently expanded its successful offshore blade factory in Hull by 41,600 square meters, more than doubling the size of the manufacturing facilities. Remaining the largest offshore wind manufacturing facility in the UK, the expansion represents an investment of £186 million into the local area.

At the factory, you will learn how they continue to innovate to build quality blades safely and efficiently and get up close with the titans of the North Sea, stretching just over 108 metres long.

On the 25th October 2023, Bondholders from across the Humber took an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Siemens Gamesa plant on Alexandra Dock in Hull. Aside those that work there, there are few people in the area who have had the opportunity to see inside the extended factory and get up close to these truly colossal wind turbine blades. 

After a little networking and a great health and safety briefing, Andy Sykes, Plant Director at Siemens Gamesa welcomed us and gave us a comprehensive overview of the company and its history with Hull, as well as sharing more about the current factory expansion and the plans for the future. 

A company Wellness Ambassador talked about the employee wellbeing programme which is run in partnership with Coyle Health and Wellbeing. This is a brilliant initiative which no doubt helps greatly with productivity and efficiency. 

We then saw an overview of the site's data collection activities and how plant performance is measured and managed.

Three great presentations which really helped us to understand more about the company and the site. Then came the tour. In small groups, we were taken to all parts of the immense factory by our guides, all of which had great knowledge and insight. There was plenty to look at with blades mid-production and an expanded site where we could appreciate the scale of activity. 

Overall, a fantastic opportunity to see inside one of the region's biggest plants, learn more about this growing industry and appreciate the scale of operations. 

About Siemens Gamesa Hull

Siemens Gamesa's Hull Blade Factory builds handcrafted wind turbine blades powering the largest wind farms in the world, with enough capacity to power nearly six million UK homes. With six hundred staff, of which 97% come from the local area, it is truly a pioneer in the green revolution of the Humber.

Set within a 540,000-square-meter site bordered by the estuary, it is just twelve hours' sailing time away from some of the largest wind farms in Europe and the world.

Siemens Gamesa has recently added over 200 additional direct job roles to the workforce and has grown to over 77600 square metres to establish the next generation of offshore wind manufacturing. 

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