The Waterline Summit 2023

The Humber region's largest decarbonisation event, unlocking opportunities to provide sustainable prosperity for all as we look to lead the UK's green industrial revolution

Over three days, businesses large and small will come together with academics, industry experts and young people to learn, discuss and tackle the greatest challenge of our time as we all work together to reach net zero 

  • Day 1 - Launch event, 2023 Sustainability Challenge
  • Day 2 - Adaptation and Resilience
  • Day 3 - Energy Transition

There will be sessions from different speakers throughout all three days. Please see the timetables below for information about events and how to book, and to see available slots. Get in touch with us ASAP to enquire about running your own event and being an exhibitor. 

Day 1 - Launch

Launch Event and Impact Event

Launching the Waterline Summit 2023, this event will bring together international speakers, innovative thinkers, and industry experts as well as key government figures to discuss the crucial role the Humber region must play as the UK’s biggest carbon emitter with the greatest decarbonisation potential.

Positioning the Humber as central to the global climate challenge facing world leaders and connecting the Humber globally.

As we launch our 5th consecutive Waterline Summit, our first event will explore the core themes such as adaptation & resilience, sustainable finance, built environment, offshore wind, carbon capture and the energy transition.

Aligning with the aims of COP28, we will take a look at our regional progress made so far, discussing the progress and impact of actions taken by our local businesses and communities, as well as identifying opportunities for action where there are gaps.

Businesses large and small will come together with academics, industry experts and young people, to learn, discuss and tackle the greatest challenge of our time, as we all work together to reach net zero.

You can book tickets for the morning of Day 1 at 

Day 1 - 2023 Student Sustainability Challenge

This year’s Sustainability Challenge finalists will be invited to showcase their work in front of the judges, academics and business leaders from across the region. 

Read more about the Sustainability Challenge below. 

Day 2 – Adaptation & Resilience Day 

There is a need to develop a strategic response to climate change through a variety of mechanisms suited to our national circumstances. These include national adaptation strategies and local-level initiatives, such as adaptation plans. The challenge is to translate planning into successful implementation, building on examples of good practices that have emerged to build resilience to flooding, housing, utilities infrastructure, as well as building our energy and power resilience for the future. 

Day 3 – Energy Transition Day 

We need the global transition to clean power to be at least four times faster than it is at present. The power sector accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. As demand for energy grows, the power sector must grow and decarbonise in parallel. Dramatic cost reductions in solar and wind energy mean that renewables are now cheaper than new coal in most parts of the world, and bring benefits via improved air quality, energy access and security, and creating jobs in new industries.  

Your own event

Opportunities are available to hold your own sector or community events and have an exhibition stand on Day 2 and Day 3 at the Aura Innovation Centre.

This allows you the opportunity to shape and promote your own events while still working under The Waterline umbrella brand. The event booking would be through independent commercial agreement with the Aura Innovation Centre. If you would like to hold an event, or would like to access to the programme planner which outlines the opportunities currently available at the Aura Innovation Centre please get in touch via and we will be able to provide costs and availability.

Take a look at 2022's Waterline Summit


Be part of the region’s future

It is becoming increasingly competitive across the UK to attract large-scale investment projects and the Humber needs to be proactive in gaining global relevance.

Future Humber has partnered with The University of Hull for an ambitious campaign The Waterline. This partnership combining industry, academic expertise and R&D activity, is uniquely well-placed to support the delivery of this campaign which underpins projects and economic models that demonstrate how decarbonisation can deliver both environmental sustainability and economic growth.

We bring thought leaders together for The Waterline, positioning the Humber as a global demonstrator tackling the challenges of climate change and building upon the assets and advantages, the skills and capabilities we have here in the region. The Waterline brings together the voice of business, industry and government, and develop concepts, ideas and feasibilities to deliver the strategic and transformational projects, securing the future of the Humber.

The Waterline will:

  • make the Humber globally relevant for the challenges of climate change
  • focus our future on demonstrating a new economic model for decarbonisation
  • provide regional projects to build sustainable growth over the next 50 years

The Humber is one of the coastal regions around the world officially listed as at high risk due to rising sea levels and increasing flood threat. The Waterline builds on the Humber’s ever-growing reputation as the UK’s leading centre for renewable energy generation.

This film demonstrates the urgency of the current global situation and the work currently underway across the Humber to help tackle the issue. This is not enough. As a region, our biggest threat is now our biggest opportunity.

The Humber can be a centre of excellence if we come together.

2023 Schools Sustainability Challenge

After the success of the 2022 Sustainability Challenge, this year Phillips 66 Limited and new partner Hull KR Foundation are launching the challenge across the Humber Region. Year 9 and 10 students from schools across Northern Lincolnshire, Hull & East Riding are invited to take part in the challenge and to come up with creative ways to support the country’s net zero ambition.

The challenge, that takes place over three rounds, was designed by the Phillips 66 Limited Humber Refinery Early Careers Network and this year’s final will be at the prestigious Waterline Summit, to be held at the Aura Innovation Centre.

Challenge team member Woody Nunn, Phillips 66 Process Engineer commented on last year’s event. This year’s finalists will be invited to showcase their work at this year’s Waterline Summit to be held on Monday the 13th of November, in front of the judges, academics and business leaders from across the region.

The triumphant team will be announced on the main stage, claiming their school a fantastic £5,000 to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities and sustainability efforts within the school. The students will also win a trip to the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery to learn more about their decarbonisation journey, as well as the Phillips 66 London office and a tour of Parliament to see where all the decisions on the UK’s energy transition and decarbonisation are made.

The students will also be invited as VIP guests, for a visit to Sewell Group Craven Park stadium where they will watch the first team train, grab some autographs and enjoy a Stadium tour.

You can register a team now at >> Register Link


Mytopia - the Green City Builder

Play Mytopia, the green city builder to learn more about what it takes to create a green and prosperous city

Play now at >> Mytopia

Mytopia the green city builder gameMytopia the green city builder game

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