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Lampada Digital Solutions

Lampada Digital Solutions Business Partner

Lampada is owned by the University of Hull to turn leading research into real world applications. We provide a unique partnership model, blending expertise including world leading academic research, emerging talent from the university, and highly trained Lampada professionals.

We supply software services and support to over 30% of the UK’s fire and rescue services through our Intelligent Response division.

Our Learning and Immersive Experiences team bring together online training tools and environments to produce engaging and fulfilling training experiences, utilising their VR and AR expertise, and have recently worked on some high-profile projects to deliver customised immersive training programmes.

Our latest team addition, the Centre for Human Factors, brings together over 40 years of professional psychology expertise, specialising in stress risk management in the workplace.

Our name derives from the University’s motto – Lampada Ferens – which translates as ‘carrying the light of learning’.

We are the commercial arm of the country’s 14th oldest university and a rapidly accelerating research enterprise.

We have access to a significant talent pool that we can tap into, as we empower the university’s student body by providing a root to employment in a host of roles.

‘’We recognise that being part of the Bondholder Scheme is an immense opportunity to join a thriving community of likeminded businesses, in addition to contributing to the continuing growth of our Humber region’’.