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Drax Group Plc

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01757 618381

Drax is a large British energy company. Our purpose is to enable a zero-carbon, lower cost energy future. Our goal is to support the rollout of renewable technologies and provide our customers with greater control of their energy use.


  • Drax power station is Europe’s largest decarbonisation project and provides 12% of Britain’s renewable power.
  • Across all our generation sites we provide enough power to supply 9 million homes across the country.
  • Our operations support 3,200 jobs across Yorkshire & Humber and contribute £431 million to the regional economy.

Drax, alongside partners Equinor and National Grid, has plans to create the world’s first ‘net-zero carbon’ industrial cluster in the Humber through the rollout of carbon capture and storage technologies and infrastructure. When combined with an ambitious project to turn the Drax Power Station into a ‘carbon negative’ power plant through Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage, and the deployment of a hydrogen production facility, the Humber region will become a world leader in the deployment of low-carbon technologies across multiple industrial sectors securing and retaining a multitude of highly skilled well-paying jobs in the region.


The bondholder scheme provides Drax with an opportunity to work with other influential businesses in the region to create new jobs, skills and a low carbon economy in the Humber. We believe that all businesses in the region will have a role to play in this vision and we look forward to working in collaboration with the members of the Bondholder Scheme.