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Arco Lends its Safety Expertise to UK’s New Tallest and Fastest Rollercoaster

16 May 2024

Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, has completed the installation of fall protection systems on the UK’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster- brand new Hyperia!  


Due to open on Friday 24 May, Hyperia is the newest ride at Thorpe Park in Surrey.   

Built by Mack Rides, the new attraction stands at an intimidating 72m (236ft) and will reach speeds of over 80mph.  

The safety systems installed by working at height specialists from Arco Professional Safety Services provide a continuous safe connection on the rollercoaster, allowing maintenance crews to carry out routine and reactive tasks with confidence.   

Arco installed Two MSA Latchways BridgeLatch fall arrest and restraint systems along the entire 111m (364ft) incline and crest of the rollercoaster, allowing workers to access the lift portion of the rollercoaster safely.   

They also fixed MSA Latchways Mansafe fall arrest systems along the station return brake platform and the station exit maintenance platform.  

Matthew Glass, fall protection manager at Arco Professional Safety Services, said: “We were thrilled to be a part of this project for the Hyperia coaster, the latest attraction at one of the UK’s top theme parks.  

“This installation is the latest in a longstanding partnership with Merlin Entertainments that has allowed Arco, the Experts in Safety, to demonstrate our expertise in working at height safety and love of (safe) thrills.   

“I know I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say we are looking forward to getting to experience the UK’s new tallest and fastest ride when it opens.” 

Dan Warwick, health & safety director at Thorpe Park, said: “Arco have been an instrumental part of the team, assisting us with the installation of working at height lines - a vital element of the Hyperia ride construction.  

“With the ride standing at an epic 236ft tall, these lines will be used to safely enable our engineering team to get up and down the incredible lift hill for all maintenance and daily pre-opening checks.   

“The lines will also be used by our staff and guests in the event of an evacuation being required on the ride. As part of this, the Arco team worked closely with us to ensure we have well-planned and expertly curated evacuation plans, which form a critical part of the overall project.” 

Arco Professional Safety Services provide consultancy, training, services and equipment to manage the most complex and high-risk, high hazard scenarios, specialising in working at height, confined spaces and respiratory management.  

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