Business Partner

Business Partners have a common commitment to the Humber region, developing the Humber’s positive profile and help to shape the long-term future of the region.

The benefits of joining as a Business Partner are:

  • Networking and peer to peer knowledge sharing
  • Online profiling, PR and print resource
  • Young Talent Network

To include: 

  • Partnership, networking and knowledge exchange opportunities with invitations to Bondholder breakfasts and access-all-areas Industry Insight events
  • Online opportunities to build regional profile, promote news, events, and job postings
  • Support for your organisation and employees for PR through promotion via the Future Humber e-newsletter and social media channels
  • Access to the image gallery and marketing resource pool
  • Connection of your employees to Talent+ – networking and personal development opportunities through events and activities for those within your business in the early stages of building their career
  • Invitations to corporate hospitality events
  • Affiliate membership benefits for UK partnership (Make UK)


£500 (companies <40 employees) per annum

£1k (companies 41-99 employees) per annum

£2k (companies >100 employees) per annum


Connecting powerful ambassadors for change, working together to build a prosperous future for all in our region

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