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PATT Foundation

PATT Foundation Business Partner

The PATT Foundation is a UK registered charity focusing on reforestation and environmental education.


The charity was set up in 2005 to tackle environmental issues and focus on tree planting and has subsequently planted 3 million trees. Working extensively in Asia, PATT has seen over 10,000 children pass through the nursery facility that was set up in Khao Yai National Park Thailand.


The charity has recently launched two projects in the Humber region:-


One Hull of a Forest: Hull is the least forested city in the UK. Our plan, working with businesses, community groups and schools, is to plant 200,000 trees in the city over the next few five years as part of Hull's commitment to the Northern Forest Initiative.


Dare to Bee: Our mission is to have a positive, lasting impact for bees, AND people around the world. We intend to create a blueprint for a social enterprise that local communities can replicate anywhere in the world that will benefit individuals from underprivileged backgrounds.


Being a Bondholder is a great opportunity to connect with thought leaders and businesses across the Humber to make a direct impact within the region we live and operate.