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Sky launches new Digital Hub in Hull in partnership with The Edge Hub

3 January 2024

Sky partnered with The Edge Hub to launch a new Sky Up Digital Hub in Hull. The Hub provides access to digital devices, free Sky WiFi connection and regular digital skills workshops, to support people in the local community.

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Overall, 22% of neighbourhoods in Hull and East Yorkshire fall into the 10% most nationally deprived regions across the education, skills, and training sector. Change is needed in the area to build digital skills through access to technology. The Edge Hub’s partnership with Sky is the first to be launched in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Antonio Tombanane, Founder of The Edge Hub said: “We aspire that our partnership with Sky will play a pivotal role in narrowing the digital divide, empowering individuals with the confidence and proficiency to harness technology. The Edge Hub is dedicated to uplifting communities and fostering a sense of unity, and our partnership with Sky will undoubtedly bolster this shared mission.

"By offering these resources with Sky, we are not just providing a service; we are investing in the growth and development of our community. We envision a community where everyone, regardless of their background, has the confidence and ability to harness the power of technology. This not only enriches individuals' lives but also fosters a stronger, more resilient community as a whole.”

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Eleanor Leetham Project Coordinator at The Edge Hub stated: “We can’t wait to welcome people to the space, we believe it's a really exciting opportunity for the community to gain access to free technology, Wi-Fi and digital skills. Our partnership with Sky represents a big step towards a more inclusive, connected, and empowered community. We are excited about the positive change it will bring, and we invite everyone to join us."

Fiona Ball, Group Director, Bigger Picture & Sustainability said: “Sky is focused on helping people in Hull unlock new opportunities with tools, skills and programmes, that we provided through our new Digital Hub. With our partners, The Edge Hub, we are committed to tackling digital inequality and empowering people to get online, to help everyone fulfil their potential.”

In 2022, Sky launched its ambition to tackle digital inequality with a three-part initiative providing support to a quarter of a million digitally excluded people through a dedicated £10m fund. Sky Up was created to ensure that groups who are most at risk of digital exclusion - under 25s and over 65s - are provided with the skills they need to succeed.