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Public asked to give their thoughts on health and care in Bridlington

5 July 2024

People in Bridlington are being encouraged to share their views on improving local health and care services, as well as general wellbeing, in the town.

Like many places, Bridlington experiences a range of challenges, from its ageing population to transport limitations. Despite this, there are groups, organisations and individuals who are working to ensure the town has a brighter future.

NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) is one of several organisations that have come together to create a future health and care strategy for the area.

The survey, which will help to shape the new strategy, has been developed collaboratively to reach all parts of the local community. The partnership behind it includes the ICB, Bridlington Health Forum, The Hinge Centre, Smile Foundation and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Simon Cox, Place Director (East Riding of Yorkshire) for NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB, said: “The launch of this survey is a crucial step in our commitment to enhance and prioritise the health and wellbeing needs of residents in Bridlington. We want to involve the community in decision-making and listen to their thoughts and views on services.

“Your feedback is not just valuable; it's the key to having a successful strategy and will help us develop a plan that tackles the existing coastal challenges.”

Dr Anthony Clarke, Chair of Bridlington Health Forum, said: “As Chair of Bridlington Health Forum, I strongly recommend that Bridlington residents complete this survey.

“The Forum, The Hinge Centre and other partners have been closely involved by the ICB in the design of the survey, which will provide additional evidence about the strengths and weaknesses of our local services.

“Please help influence future health and care planning by taking a few minutes of your time to complete the survey.”

Jo Sanders-Potts, Chief Executive of The Hinge Centre, added: “We are really pleased to have been involved with the designing of this survey, it’s really important that local services work together to provide the relevant support to our community.

“By using a joined-up approach we can ensure the survey reaches as many people in the community as possible. We need people to respond with their honest opinions so that the ICB’s strategy can be correctly informed and the feelings of those accessing health care services in our area can be taken into account.”

The survey launches on Monday 8 July, and residents are welcome to offer their perspectives and share what they feel is essential for people's health and wellbeing.

The survey will be open until 1 September 2024 and can be accessed via

For further information, visit