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Praise for ‘top-notch care’ at Hull’s midwife-led birth centre

11 April 2024

The mother of the 4,000th baby to be born at Hull’s Midwife Led Unit (MLU) has showered praise on the team for the exceptional care she received.

Bukola and michelle

Bukola Oni, 37, applauded the compassionate and personalised care given to her by staff at the Fatima Allam Birth Centre when baby Joshua was born at the end of March.

She says: “From the moment I walked into the centre, the midwives made me feel comfortable, and that made me really confident about the birth. They knew what they were doing and did it right.

“The whole process took less than two hours, and the midwives were there every minute. They made sure I got everything I needed during the period – all the assistance I needed was provided. They kept an eye on me and the baby. They were literally on their toes the entire time.

“I have had a very good experience. It is really good that we have a service like the centre provides, that delivers a top-notch healthcare service to mothers. I am doing well, and the baby is fine as well, and I have them to thank for it.”

The MLU includes three birthing rooms, Jasmine, Persea and Lotus, each of which features a unique design more akin to a boutique hotel than a hospital room. Open round-the-clock, the rooms also offer users the option of a water birth, aromatherapy, mood lighting and music to personalise their natural birth experience and make it more relaxing.

Katie Headlam, Midwifery Sister at the centre says: “I am delighted that Bukola had such a wonderful birth experience with us. Reaching 4,000 births in just under seven years is such an achievement for my team, and for a MLU in general.”

Midwife Michelle Willingham, whose last assigned delivery before she retired was baby Joshua, also shared her excitement at being part of this milestone.

She says: “I normally work on Labour Ward, so I was absolutely thrilled to be there for Bukola and baby Joshua on my last day after 43 years in the NHS, 36 years spent as a midwife.

“We had tears together afterwards as we were both so happy! It was an absolutely wonderful birth for my last day and for it to be the 4,000th in the centre so far was amazing.”