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Freedom Festival Celebrates The Human Experience

25 June 2024

Celebrating Diversity and Artistic Expression in Hull and Beyond.

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Freedom Festival Arts Trust is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Freedom Festival 2024, a spectacular celebration of arts, culture, and human experiences. With a series of captivating performances and events, this year's festival promises to delight audiences in Hull and once again, Freedom On Tour in Bridlington.

The festival will feature headline performances of "Eternity," at the iconic Hull Minster. This breathtaking production by the renowned Australian theatre company, C!rca, will enrapture audiences with its dramatic acrobatics and awe-inspiring feats. Accompanied by the magical music of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the talented circus artists will explore powerful emotions and delve into themes of love, death, loss, hope, and wonder. Performances will take place over the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the festival.

Following the major success of Freedom on Tour last year, Freedom Festival Arts Trust is once again partnering with East Riding Council, to bring a day of free cultural entertainment to the seaside, in Bridlington on Friday 30th August.

Across Hull City Centre, a diverse array of outdoor global street performances and ticketed indoor shows, promise to captivate audiences with a deeper appreciation for artistic expression across communities.

To highlight Hull's cultural heartbeat, FreedomFestival 2024 will showcase a variety of performances and installations throughout the city with locations including Museum Gardens, Princes Dock Street, Queen Victoria Square, Zebedees Yard, and Hull Truck. These venues will come alive with a vibrant tapestry of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts, celebrating the city's rich cultural heritage and diversity from 28 August to 1 September.

"All of our outdoor work is free as we aim to make this year's Freedom Festival accessible to as many people as possible," said Jo Hawkes, Interim CEO and General Manager of Freedom Festival Arts Trust.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by the arts and culture sector, Hawkes emphasised the festival's commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. "We are incredibly grateful for the continued support from Hull City Council, Arts Council and the University of Hull, as well as our major business sponsors. But this year, has proved very difficult financially and  it hasn't been possible to curate a large scale outdoor evening performances this year," she said.

"However, we believe that Freedom on Tour and our diverse lineup of events more than make up for this, offering a truly unforgettable celebration of the human experience through artistic expression."

Freedom Festival 2024 promises to be a captivating journey through the depths of human emotion, cultural diversity, and artistic excellence. With the opportunity to support research for the wider culture sector as a partnership with the University of Hull, it seeks to explore the impact of performance on societal perceptions, through the celebration of the arts, where boundaries are transcended, and the human experience is celebrated in all its vibrant glory.

Cllr Rob Pritchard, Portfolio Holder for Culture and Leisure: "Despite the challenges faced, Freedom Festival 2024 promises to be an extraordinary celebration of the arts, showcasing exceptional talent and captivating performances that will leave a lasting impression on audiences. With a diverse lineup of events and a commitment to accessibility, this year's festival is poised to create unforgettable moments and inspire a deeper appreciation for the human experience through artistic expression."

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