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£1.6m Federation of Sport Announces Grand Opening in Hull, Promising Over 50 Job Opportunities in the City

9 April 2024

Federation of Sport, a game-changing hub for sports enthusiasts and gaming aficionados, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its newest venue in Hull.

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This exciting venture is set to not only invigorate the city's sports and entertainment scene but also provide over 50 job opportunities for the local community. With a vision to foster a unique space for all sporting interests and to bring increased footfall to Hull City Centre, Federation of Sport is poised to become a cornerstone of recreational and social activity in the area.

The importance of garnering support from local authorities and communities cannot be overstated in the realisation of this project. Collaboration with key stakeholders across the educational establishments, local council authorities and key sports organisations ensures that Federation of Sport aligns seamlessly with the needs and aspirations of the city. Fostering these relationships enhances its appeal as a dynamic and inclusive destination. By engaging with the community, we aim to cultivate an environment that reflects the diverse interests and passions of Hull's residents.

"As Managing Director of Federation of Sport, I am delighted to see our vision come to fruition with the opening of our Hull venue," said Guy Kilner. "Our commitment to providing unparalleled experiences in sports and gaming is matched only by our dedication to contributing positively to the local economy and community. We are eager to welcome visitors and residents alike to immerse themselves in the excitement and sociability that Federation of Sport has to offer."

Federation of Sport is not a conventional sports facility; it is a game-changing hub that offers e-sporting, play simulating, day coaching, match watching, skill crafting, and tech-loving experiences. From traditional sports simulations to cutting-edge e-sports tournaments, our venue caters to enthusiasts of all ages and interests. Whether honing your skills on state-of-the-art simulators or competing in thrilling virtual competitions, Federation of Sport promises an unparalleled sports and social experience.

With the UEFA Euro 2024 on the horizon, the Federation of Sport is poised to play a pivotal role in the celebration of this prestigious sporting event. Our aim is to be fully operational and ready to welcome fans, local heroes, and sporting greats, all while providing a unique and engaging space for everyone to enjoy the excitement of the tournament.