26 May 2023

Do you have a data challenge you would like to solve?

Would you like to extract some insights from a dataset, or make some predictions, but don’t know where to start?

Provide a use case for an MSc student project, and

• Discover the benefits of using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools & techniques in your business
• Get access to student talent in these fields
• Connect with academic staff at the University of Hull

What are they?

The dissertation project is the capstone of the MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, enabling their students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have developed during their course. If you have a dataset from which you’d like to extract some insights or make some predictions, provide a use-case and one of their Master’s students will collaborate with you to explore potential solutions.

How do they work?

• You provide the dataset and a summary of your challenge or the insights your are seeking.
• The student works on the project independently over 12 weeks (Jun-Aug or Oct-Dec), with weekly supervision from you and a university academic.
• Projects are typically done remotely / online, though they can be based at your premises if all parties agree.

What’s needed from me?

• A short summary explaining what you would like to achieve with the project and any information about your dataset(s), including data types and any restrictions on use.
• Supervision time (30 mins per student, per week) to review the student’s progress and answer any questions they may have about the project objectives or data. The university supervisor will review progress from the technical side, so no expertise in data science & AI is expected from you.
• There are no costs, unless travel or consumables are required.

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