Corporate Culture - Why it matters and how to build it

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

The Deep, Tower Street, Hull, HU1 4DP

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This event takes place on Tuesday 6th June 2023, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

A good workplace culture is one where employees feel valued, respected, and supported and are encouraged to share ideas.

A collaborative and innovative workplace will enhance employee wellbeing by providing opportunities for growth and development, reducing burnout, turnover and absenteeism and create a sense of belonging within the organisation.

When employees feel supported and valued, they are more likely to be happy and engaged in their work, which can lead to improved productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.

A positive workplace culture attracts and retains top talent and fosters innovation creativity and loyalty amongst staff. Therefore, investing in a positive and supportive work environment can have significant short-term and long-term benefits for both employees and employers.

But this is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, effort, and commitment from everyone involved.

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