Connect for Change: Building a Sustainable Humber Together

Thursday, 21 September 2023

Sewell Group Craven Park Preston Road Kingston upon Hull HU9 5HE

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The event's keynote speaker is Steve Judge, a two-time World Champion and Award-winning International guest speaker, who will share his story and pursuit of his GOLD, inspiring the guests to make connections, to create a network that will make positive change possible.

During the event, the delegates will interact and hear experiences from industry professionals via a panel that represent organisations in the Humber region and that seek to create positive impact locally.

The space will encourage teamwork and problem-solving for the best future of all. It will emphasise that by joining forces and expertise, we can address challenges like social and environmental issues, and inequalities.

The Humber Social Impact Network is the glue to bring positive change to fruition, working with key partners and businesses from across the local region. The result will be to inspire a new network of socially conscious businesses, non-profits, local authorities, and the wider community. Together, we can make a bigger impact and amplify local solutions to build a sustainable and thriving community.

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