AI Leadership Masterclass with AI Futures

Thursday, 22 February 2024

The Edge Hub, Hull, HU1 2PS

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As an Executive, SME, Entrepreneur or Solopreneur you may not have a Generative AI plan yet – but that does not mean you cannot start integrating AI in your own business or in your own personal life at an affordable cost.

This three-hour workshop will teach you about the current Generative AI landscape, the capabilities of the leading Generative AI players, and areas where Generative AI can accelerate efficiencies.

This will help you reclaim more time – time that you can invest in innovative thinking, strategic planning, and personal growth, ensuring you stay ahead in your intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial journey.


Understanding the Generative AI Landscape

· The evolution, current state and the 800lb gorillas defining todays and tomorrow’s Generative AI landscape.

· Comparative analysis of leading AI platforms, highlighting their unique features, strengths, and limitations.

  • Real-World examples where Generative AI has made impacts across different industries.

Practical Applications in Business

  • The power of the precise prompt.
  • How to build a company culture that celebrates AI instead of fearing it.
  • Where generative AI can help your business (and where it cannot).

The AI Leadership Mind Set

  • Impressing Leadership: Be the AI champion in your organization.
  • Build a company culture that celebrates AI instead of fearing it.
  • Using the optimise, accelerate, transform framework to identify and prioritise AI minimal risk/high impact applications suitable for your business.

Ethical Considerations

  • The ethical implications and legal considerations of using AI in business.


  • Managers and Executives looking to set an AI roadmap for their organization.
  • SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs looking to understand and leverage AI for competitive advantage.
  • Leaders and Talent Professionals wishing to drive AI adoption among employees.
  • Marketing executives looking to understanding AI's impact on content creation.


"Where Pixels and Strategy Collide: A Frontline Report from Geoffrey Bye's Digital Odyssey"

Geoffrey was in MIT's prestigious “Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy” first cohort. He has studied “Advanced Management and Leadership” at Oxford University. He has a Financial Times Non-Executive Director (Board Leadership) Master's Diploma and holds a certification in Quantified Risk Management.Moreover, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Geoffrey is a digital disruptor whose tech journey began in '86. From embedding the first PC in British Coal to spearheading DHL's digital and brand transformation, he has made innovative technology successful and accessible. His entrepreneurial energy shines through start-up ventures such as, Movenbank and; always staying ahead of digital shifts. Geoffrey's ability to anticipate, adapt, and capitalise on digital trends makes him a breakthrough leader.

His latest venture, AI Futures, serves as a manifesto for how AI can drive change across various sectors.

With platforms like AImatters4Business, AIMatters4Planet, AIGILE Marketing, Geoffrey champions the power of AI as a catalyst for comprehensive societal and business transformation.

His multidisciplinary approach was instrumental in developing DHL's 'Courier2Carrier' and ESG efforts, and he has helped shape the future of multiple market-leading organisations. Geoffrey continues to be a C-suite strategist and brand leader, relentlessly shaping tomorrow's business landscape.

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